ACTION ALERT! Congressional Action Needed NOW to Help Unemployed Workers

More than 13,500 North Carolina will lose their unemployment benefits

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created a comprehensive set of unemployment insurance programs and supplements that have aided millions of workers struggling with joblessness. However, unless Congress acts soon to reauthorize the programs, these benefits will expire on February 28th.
It is critical to keep the benefits intact for the remainder of 2010, not only for millions of workers who will otherwise face a benefit cut-off, but also to sustain the economic recovery. As the Congressional Budget Office recently reported, the Recovery Act’s aid to the unemployed produces the single most effective boost to job creation and economic recovery of all the federal options being debated by Congress.
This extension of benefits would be especially important for North Carolina's unemployed workers, who are searching for jobs at a time of record-high unemployment. The National Employment Law Project estimates more than 13,500 North Carolinians will lose their unemployment benefits between March and June unless Congress acts.
Visit this action alert from the National Employment Law Project to learn more and to send a message to your Senators and Representative.