BTC BRIEF: Economic Mobility & The American Dream - How is the Deck Stacked in North Carolina?

By Tazra Mitchell
Fellow, Budget & Tax Center
June 2012


  • Factors beyond effort and skill impact one’s ability to achieve the American Dream of getting ahead, including geography, socioeconomic status, education attainment, and race.
  • Research shows that economic mobility is harder for North Carolinians compared to the average American. North Carolina lags behind the United States and the Southeastern region in absolute and relative upward economic mobility.
  • North Carolinians are contending with widespread income inequality, which correlates with lower economic mobility. In 2010, the average household income for households in the top fifth of the income distribution was nearly 15 times as large as the income of households in the bottom fifth and more than 3 times as large as the income of households in the middle fifth.
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