LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: Keep Academic Standards High for North Carolina's Children

By Matthew Ellinwood
Policy Analyst, Education & Law Project
June 2014

  • Broad agreement exists that Common Core standards are an improvement over the previous set of standards.
  • Any legislation must protect, not undermine, these high academic standards.

Senate Bill 812 (House Bill 1061) would create an Academic Standards Review Commission tasked with conducting a comprehensive review of North Carolina’s academic standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, recommending changes to these standards to the State Board of Education, and recommending assessments aligned to the standards. It is vital to the future of the state’s children that the Commission modify rather than replace or abandon the Common Core Standards that are currently in place in order to: 1) avoid reverting to the inferior set of standards that were in place in North Carolina prior to the adoption of the Common Core, and 2) keep standards consistent to avoid disruption, instability, inconsistency, and the loss of the vast amount of resources that have been allocated to put the Common Core standards into place.

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