THE CARE PACKAGE - SPECIAL EDITION: Amazing new video shows good health care is much more than pills and procedures

January 5, 2012

Nicole's Notes

Last month we found out that Medicaid services – and likely other services as well – are back on the budget chopping block thanks to the state legislature’s refusal to provide adequate funding. Today WRAL reports that the problem is getting worse. The legislature’s answer to “shift money around” is simply more code for cutting, either in Medicaid or in one of the many other critical services provided by NC’s Department of Health and Human Services. But, as Rob Thompson of the Covenant with North Carolina’s Children said, “The important thing is the people who need the services.” We wholeheartedly agree, which is why I spent some time last month with two great women who are in the crosshairs of the budget debate.

Watch the amazing story of Margaret Toman and Lou Longest. The services they depend on were on the chopping block last year, and with the latest standoff they are worried again. Even more importantly, their story shows how good health care is much more than simply going to see a doctor when you need to. Instead of cutting services, it's time our state lawmakers ensure that everyone like Lou and Margaret can receive the help and health care they deserve

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