MEDIA RELEASE: Affordable Care Act extends new benefits to people with insurance

North Carolinians get more than $18 million in rebates and women get free preventive care

RALEIGH (August 1, 2012) – Starting today, August 1, the Affordable Care Act will provide insurance policyholders with new protections.

The North Carolina Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition released a short fact sheet today explaining the insurance rebates and showing that provisions of the health care law signed by President Obama in 2010 will reduce future insurance premiums in addition to helping contain costs.

Insurance companies that offer less than 75 percent of premiums on medical care must send rebate checks to consumers. In addition, many women’s preventive health services are covered with no co-pay or deductible under new insurance plans. New insurance policies issued after August 1 must cover a range of women’s preventive health without co-pays or deductibles. The services covered include: well woman visits, gestational diabetes screening, HPV testing, sexually transmitted disease counseling, HIV screening and counseling, contraceptives and contraceptive counseling, breastfeeding supplies and support, and domestic violence screening.

“There is a misconception that health reform was only for the uninsured,” said Health Access Coalition Director Adam Searing. “But there are benefits for millions of consumers with insurance, especially women and seniors.”

See the fact sheet here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Adam Searing, Health Access Coalition Director,, 919.856.2568; Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications,, 503.551.3615 (cell).

MEDIA RELEASE: Affordable Care Act extends new benefits to people with insurance