NC HEALTH ACCESS COALITION: Five Reasons Why Everyday North Carolinians Need Medicaid, Even If They Don't Know It

By Brenna Burch & Adam Searing
NC Health Access Coalition
October 2011

Medicaid is a state-federal program that functions as a primary social safety net for many middle-class North Carolina families—families that as the result of old age, injury, disease, or catastrophic event face medical and long-term care bills that far exceed what their incomes, savings and insurance will cover. As such, Medicaid functions as a vital barrier between thousands of middle-class families and financial disaster.

Since Medicaid is key to ensuring some measure of financial stability for families, changes to the program should not be made lightly. While Congressional efforts to curtail federal Medicaid spending are currently at a standstill, North Carolina’s Medical Care Advisory Committee is poised to recommend major programmatic changes to Medicaid in light of unprecedentedly deep state budget cuts.

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