NC HEALTH REPORT: Amazing Video Profile - The Human Cost of Medicaid Cuts

December 7, 2011

By Adam Searing and Adam Linker
GOPers like Rep. Nelson Dollar and Speaker Thom Tillis are scrambling to deflect blame for the hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid cuts they made to NC's health care program for the most vulnerable.  Governor Perdue warned them in this May 27th letter that GOP Medicaid cuts were unrealistic and would result in devastation to critical Medicaid services.  Then on October 27th, DHHS Secretary Lanier Cansler, a former Republican member of the General Assembly, warned GOP leaders in this letter that the cuts GOPers asked for were now going to result in exactly that - elimination of services that will hurt thousands of people.
What does this mean?  Here's Sarah Gamble, a woman who has more integrity, compassion and dedication than any ten people you care to name.  She also gets help from Medicaid to care for Cameron:
One final thought. What if Sarah Gamble was the Speaker of the NC House or the Chair of the Health and Human Services budget committee?


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