NC HEALTH REPORT: Better Care, Not Just More Care; Sanford, Asheville Meetings

April 14, 2010
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker


See the rally thanking Congressman Bob Etheridge for supporting health insurance reform for North Carolina's working families.

Check out my conversation with UNC Hospital's Dr. Bill Roper on the twin imperatives of containing costs and improving care as we implement health care reform.

We have a conversation with Ms. Gretchen Wylie in Charlotte who cares for her husband at home and could benefit from improvement in our health care system that would support family caregivers.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: On the blog, Adam Searing tackles flip-flops, jury duty and opinion polling. Adam Linker explains why that 21% cut in physician payments just isn't going to happen and has some strong words on our labor and agricultural commissioners - who enjoy free taxpayer-funded health insurance but want to block affordable health options for everyone else.

NC CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER CARE: The NC Justice Center's Health Access Coalition and key partners are teaming up with a national effort to improve the health care people receive along with making changes to help hardworking families coming together to help older family members with a serious illness or disability.

News Release: Older Americans say better coordination needed for better health care.

Learn more and join the NC Campaign for Better Care.


For children and families: Our friends at the Georgetown Center for Children and Families have an excellent summary of what the reform law means this year for kids and their parents.

For small businesses: Check out these two new resources from the national business group Small Business Majority. One's a great calculator to estimate what tax credits a small business might be eligible and the other is a continuing overview of the new law. We'll have our own summary of small business issues in reform with a NC spin soon.

SANFORD COMMUNITY MEETING APRIL 22: HAC is partnering with longtime state advocates NC Fair Share and other groups to hold an evening community discussion in Sanford to talk with people about hospital debt and hospital charity care policies. We'll go over basic requirements around hospital debt and charity care and then would like to spend a majority of the meeting hearing from community members about their experiences with paying for hospital care for themselves and family members. LOCATION TBA. CONTACT HOPE MARASCO ( or 919-863-2405) for more information.

ASK US TO COME SPEAK ABOUT HEALTH CARE REFORM: Here at HAC we are closely following the implementation of the health reform legislation. We're scrutinizing regulatory actions, sifting through information for small businesses, and trying to put it all together. We've produced a one-page overview of immediate benefits and will shortly have a few pages on the benefits for small businesses. We'd love to talk to your group about what's in store both now and over the next three years. CONTACT HOPE MARASCO ( or 919-863-2405) to set up a time for us to come speak.

Next NC Health Access Coalition meeting will be in Asheville: Mark your calendars for Thurs. April 29th, 6-8pm -- specific location TBA

With health reform passed, we need to focus on improving the quality and coordination of care for everyone. Check out the NC Health Access Coalition's Campaign for Better Care to see how you can get involved.

Remember our one-page overview that details the immediate benefits of the health reform bill for North Carolinians over the next few months.

Click here to see more information from the NC Justice Center's Health Access Coalition about hospital charity care policies, hospital debt, and how patients are dealing with these issues. 

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