NC HEALTH REPORT: Groups call on Carolinas Health System to immediately stop suing patients

May 2, 2012
By Adam Searing and Adam Linker
Read all about it in the Charlotte Observer today.  In response to the stunning revelations about Carolinas Healthcare System and other hospital practices uncovered by the CO's and Raleigh News and Observer's Prognosis: Profits series, the NAACP, the N.C. Justice Center, Action NC, the N.C. AFL-CIO, the Jesus Ministry, and the Black Women’s Caucus issued a statement yesterday calling on Carolinas Healthcare System to remove liens it has on people's houses - like Ms. Joyce Jones' small house - and join other major hospitals in the state that have ended the practice of suing patients.  Let's hope $4.2 million-man Carolinas CEO Michael Tarwater is listening to NAACP leader Reverend Barber's words from yesterday on the final leg of the Truth and Hope Tour of Poverty:
“The Bible says we’re not supposed to burden the poor and the sick and the afflicted. We’re supposed to lift them and help them and heal them. (Carolinas HealthCare) is a group with money hounding people who are just trying to make it.”
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