NC HEALTH REPORT: Health Care Can't Wait Rallies Saturday

August 28, 2009
Editors:  Adam Searing and Adam Linker
  • ABC-TV "newsman" John Stossel fires up the opposition at anti-health reform rally led by conservative activist group.
  • Why does NC's Senator Richard Burr bash Medicaid every chance he gets when North Carolina has one of the most innovative and respected money-saving Medicaid quality care programs in the nation, Community Care of North Carolina?Senator Kay Hagan's leadership on the health care issue.  She's doing what's right for North Carolinians.
  • National Republicans split with NC GOP on Medicare reforms.
  • NC Blue Cross bashes publically funded innovations and NC Universities.  Strange.
  • TR Reid on five myths about health care around the world.
DOWNTOWN RALEIGH - RALLY FOR HEALTH REFORM THIS SATURDAY AT 10AM: Our local rally will take place by the State Capitol building from 10 AM to 11.30AM.  Expect to hear from multiple speakers including the Rev. William Barber, President of the NC NAACP.  DOWNLOAD THE RALLY FLYER FOR MORE INFO.
ASHEVILLE, CHARLOTTE, GREENVILLE - OTHER HEALTH REFORM RALLIES AND EVENTS THIS SATURDAY TOO:  People are coming together across the state to support health reform.  Click here for more info about what's happening in your area.
POSITIVE MESSAGE AND STRONG SUPPORT FOR HEALTH REFORM AT RECENT TOWN HALL MEETINGS:  Don't look for this to be reported on the news.  At major public town hall meetings in Durham this week on Wednesday evening and last night in Asheville, people gathered civilly about the health reform debate.  They talked about the bills in Congress, asked detailed questions, and agreed that the time for reform was now - right now.  HAC worked with partners like SEANC of NC, Children First of Buncombe, Action for Children, the NC Pediatric Society and others to actually have real discussion of what's happening in Washington with health care. 
Notably, there was not a single yell, scream, or even opposition at the most recent town halls we've been speaking at around the state.  As one of the vets who came to the Asheville town hall last night focused on children put it, "are there really people who are against making sure all kids have health coverage?"

Our assessment here at HAC?  People are fed up with hearing about all the yelling and name-calling and are quietly coming out to support the change in health care reform they voted for during the Presidential election.

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