NC HEALTH REPORT: Meet Shaena Carr, a mom who struggles with MS

June 10, 2010
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker

VIDEO: Meet Shaena Carr, a mom who also struggles with MS. After losing her job she also lost her health coverage. Ms. Carr's daughter can now get affordable health coverage and, after national health reform is implemented, Ms. Carr will also be able to get coverage.


Should Jack Walker, NC State Health Plan CEO, "hit the road"? Federal help for states, including NC, may yet be possible.

AIDS Director: ADAP funding essential as recession drags on.

Back pain and overtreatment - the rest of the story.

Sen. Richard Burr and his campaign to repeal health care reform.

Why it's a good idea to >move the State Health Plan out of the General Assembly's purview - and why DOI isn't necessarily the place to move it to.

FEDERAL ASSISTANCE FOR STATES: Is looking up. The US Senate has indicated that it will consider a six month extension. The stakes are high for NC - without this money our state budget will have to be cut by an additional half a billion dollars.

HAC LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN:  Why the NC General Assembly should keep NC Health Choice, affordable health insurance for kids, open. The House budget essentially closes the program to new kids.

HAC TRAVELING STATE - SPEAKING ABOUT IMPLEMENTING HEALTH REFORM: HAC has been all over NC over the last few weeks speaking to different groups about what's ahead with the new reform bill - and what changes NC needs to make now to protect the public from rising insurance rates before the full reform protections kick in. We have spoken to groups in Charlotte, Greensboro, Boone, Asheville, Raleigh, Sanford and elsewhere. We are happy to come speak with your group as well. Just email HAC Outreach Director Hope Marasco at or call 919-863-2405.

WHAT'S AHEAD FOR LONG-TERM CARE IN NORTH CAROLINA: The North Carolina Institute of Medicine has devoted the latest copy of the NC Medical Journal to the critical issue of long-term care in North Carolina. NC-AARP's Director Bob Jackson has an excellent commentary in the Journal detailing how advocacy around long-term care issues takes place in NC and is a must-read for anyone trying to understand how to make change happen around aging issues.


Does it look like your small business or nonprofit will qualify for the new Health Insurance Tax credit? See the IRS guidelines on the credit. If so, we may want to interview you for our video project. If interested, just email Adam Searing ( or Adam Linker (

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING FOR PUBLIC EMPLOYEES LOBBY DAY: Public employees are the experts on making North Carolina run, we can't do it without them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9am - 1pm at the General Assembly in Raleigh

(and across North Carolina!)

9am: Registration and Orientation at State Archives auditorium

10am: Public Employee Collective Bargaining Speak-out in Bicentennial Plaza

10:45- 1pm: Lobbying and meetings with House and Senate leadership and key committee members

To RSVP, please email:


Why getting every medical treatment you want may not be a good thing for your health.

Kaiser report out yesterday - Health Reform's Medicaid expansion means billions of federal dollars coming to NC (and, by the way, nearly 40,000 jobs.)

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