NC HEALTH REPORT: State Health Plan not in "crisis"; Legislative bulletin on Health Choice; June 9 child advocacy day

June 2, 2010
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker

RADIO: Congressman Bob Etheridge on why we can't leave states hanging without additional stimulus money during this recession.


Why, despite claims today to the contrary, the NC State Health Plan is NOT in crisis

Bill filed to repeal the ineffective "fat tax" imposed by the NC state health plan. Turns out the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation was a huge proponent of the individual mandate to buy health insurance in the MA health reform law. Now they are opposed to the same thing in national reform.

NC's Senator Richard Burr on why NC doesn't deserve any more federal stimulus money to plug a $500 million budget hole.

NC small business owners optimistic about national health reform small business tax credit - for some can mean tens of thousands in tax breaks on health insurance costs.

NC Blue Cross outsourcing some work to India, but, strangely enough, not planning to outsource top executive positions.

MEDICARE "DOUGHNUT HOLE" REBATE CHECK BROCHURE: The federal agency in charge of Medicare has issued a brochure explaining the $250 rebate check those on Medicare automatically receive this year as a part of health reform if they hit the drug coverage gap known as the "doughnut hole." Remember - the check comes automatically and folks should never give out their personal information over the phone to anyone who calls about the $250 rebate check - that call will be an attempt at fraud and should be reported to Medicare.

HAC LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: Why the NC General Assembly should keep NC Health Choice, affordable health insurance for kids, open. The House budget essentially closes the program to new kids.

HEALTHY CHILDREN ADVOCACY DAY JUNE 9TH - RALEIGH: Come down to the General Assembly to advocate for children on June 9th. Given the House's actions today, our kids sure need it. Meet with legislators, show your support. Our partners Action for Children NC are playing a leading role:

Please contact our good friend Mandy Ableidinger at or 919-834-6623 x233 to meet with legislators and for more information.


Does it look like your small business or nonprofit will qualify for the new Health Insurance Tax credit? See the IRS guidelines on the credit. If so, we may want to interview you for our video project. If interested, just email Adam Searing ( or Adam Linker (


Why getting every medical treatment you want may not be a good thing for your health.

Kaiser report out yesterday - Health Reform's Medicaid expansion means billions of federal dollars coming to NC (and, by the way, nearly 40,000 jobs.)

You are much healthier in Greensboro than Miami - on paper at least!


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