NC HEALTH REPORT: Tillis' Outrageous Medicaid Two-Step

December 6, 2011

Give Rep. Dollar a call today at his office (919-715-0795)
Last month, NC Speaker Thom Tillis was assuring low-income Medicaid patients and providers that huge cuts to the program – resulting from the budget crafted and passed under his direction last summer – wouldn’t be necessary:
“That (money) could be appropriated for those areas where we're coming up short without necessarily having to go back and cut any reimbursement rates or programs.”
But now, thanks to a scathing WRAL investigative report last night, patients and doctors are hearing the shocking news that Tillis is going back on his assurances:
“A spokesman for House Speaker Thom Tillis said comments made in October about the state using budget surplus or rainy day funds to bridge the Medicaid gap were "best case scenario" options. The General Assembly never committed to find funds for Medicaid, he said.”
I encourage everyone to look at reporter Bruce Mildwurf’s WRAL report about patient Stevie Goodwin who depends on these Medicaid services for his very life. Mr. Goodwin is just one person who the enormous cuts will affect immediately.
Tillis’s point man to make these cuts (and the guy who made the most direct assurances last month that they wouldn’t happen) is Representative Nelson Dollar.
See the excellent video from last month where Nelson Dollar fulsomely assured NC’s Secretary of Health and Human Services that such cuts wouldn’t be necessary.
Give Rep. Dollar a call today at his office (919-715-0795) and let him know that cutting services to people like Stevie Goodwin isn’t in keeping with our North Carolina values. Perhaps Representative Dollar could cut the generous health insurance benefits General Assembly members enjoy before he cuts critical services to the most vulnerable people in our state.
Give Rep. Dollar a call today at his office (919-715-0795)


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