NC HEALTH REPORT: Upcoming Events for Health Reform

September 23, 2009
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker


VIDEO: Blogger Greg Flynn creates a music video starring him singing and...NC Blue Cross. Should he keep his day job? You decide!

VIDEO: State Health Plan officials claim their new Big Brother mouth swab program will save $13 million a year. But that's not what they were saying six months ago.

VIDEO: Chris Fitzsimon lowers the boom on John Hood and Pat McCrory regarding health reform.

THE STATE EMPLOYEE HEALTH PLAN'S "BIG STICK" SCHEME TO INVADE WORKER PRIVACY: Rob Schofield dissects the State Employee Health Plan's random workplace "mouth swab" effort to target smoking and wonders why NC isn't following the lead of other states and businesses who use positive incentives to get workers to quit. In addition, how far down this road do we want to go? It's an excellent and thought-provoking piece.


Conflict of Interest: NC Blue Cross is now sponsoring health care public affairs programming on the public OPEN/net show produced by the NC Agency for Public Telecommunications.

Baucus health reform bill in Senate - costs are unaffordable to many families.

UNC's national health policy expert Jonathan Oberlander on health care reform's chances.

Back in the 1940s there was a huge effort in North Carolina to provide affordable health coverage for everyone - the Good Health Plan. Thanks to UNC, it's now all online. And, as I've noted before, the more things change, the more they stay the same, whether it's the call for more prevention to save big $$ or the imperative to cover everyone with quality care.

Congresswoman Sue Myrick likes her government-provided medical care, but not for anyone else.

Adam Linker notes the NC Medical Society is pushing a bogus health care poll.

Is the State Health Plan fibbing about wellness savings?  Answer - it sure looks like it.

The Baucus health plan - a good start, but major change needed before at all acceptable.

Health costs, overtreatment, and the myth of consumer-driven medicine.

Chris Fitzsimon on the Great White North and health care reform's origins.

UNC Hospitals CEO Bill Roper adds his voice to a new organization pushing for health care reform - now.

CRUCIAL CONVERSATION LUNCHEON FEATURING WENDELL POTTER: Wendell Potter is one of the nation's most prominent spokespersons for national health care reform. He is a Senior Fellow on Health Care at the national nonprofit advocacy group, the Center for Media and Democracy. After a 20-year career as a corporate public relations executive, last year he left his job as head of communications for one of the nation's largest health insurers to try his hand at helping socially responsible organizations - including those advocating for meaningful health care reform - achieve their goals. On Tuesday September 29, 2009, Potter will be the keynote speaker at a special NC Policy Watch Crucial Conversation luncheon: An insider's view: Why our broken health care system is in desperate need of reform. Click here to register for this event

STROLL WITH US TO SENATOR HAGAN'S OFFICE AFTER WENDELL POTTER SPEAKS:  After the Crucial Conversation lunch, a number of organizations, including the NC Health Access Coalition, HK on J partners, the NC NAACP and others will be strolling down to Senator Hagan's office to urge her to stay strong on health care reform in the Senate. That means a health reform plan that 1. Has premiums everyone can afford; 2. Cuts costs through options like a public health plan that provides real competition to insurers; 3. Preserves choice of doctors and health plans for everyone.


Friday, September 25, Noon: UNC Hospitals - Press conference discussion on need for reform with doctors and other health professionals. For more information contact: Health Care for All,

Tuesday, September 29, 7pm: Chapel Hill Health Care Reform Meeting, OWASA meeting room. For more information, please contact Miriam Thompson at or (917) 825-0884.

Thursday, October 1st, 6pm-9pm: Raleigh, Greenville, Charlotte, Asheville - Coordinated effort to call health care reform supporters and get them contact their representatives about reform. HELP NEEDED - TO SIGN UP OR FOR MORE INFO CONTACT Hope Marasco, NC Justice Center's Health Access Coalition,, 919-863-2405.

Monday, October 5, 11:15am-12:30pm: Raleigh, Old Capitol Building - Step Up and Act for Children 2009 to call for investment in child health and early education. Sponsors include Action for Children North Carolina, North Carolina Pediatric Society, Smart Start, the North Carolina Association of Educators and Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. Children's performances and speakers will call for more federal investment in child health and early education.  For more information contact: Mandy Ableidinger at Action for Children -

NC'S BARLOW HERGET: He's now bringing his commentaries to Federal News Radio in Washington (DC, not near Greenville), and he's talking about health care reform. Check him out.

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