TAKE ACTION! Tell President Obama to create a program of affirmative relief for immigrant communities

The current status quo on immigration has reached a crisis point and is unacceptable. More than 1,000 immigrants are separated from their families and communities each day because of deportations. Deportations in the South are disproportionately high due to draconian anti-immigrant state laws and widespread racial profiling.

Take Action! Write to President Obama and ask him to take action on immigration today by doing the following:

  • Ask him to exercise his authority to create a program of affirmative relief. This will help ensure that currently unauthorized immigrants can live and work and contribute to their communities without fear of deportation.
  • Ask the President to support a range of changes to U.S. detention and deportation policies, including an end to the detention bed quota; an end to SComm, 287g, and other ICE ACCESS programs; making prosecutorial discretion meaningful; and strengthening due process and protections for civil rights, workers' rights and human rights in immigration enforcement.

Act today and tell President Obama that the South says, "2 million is too many. Not 1 more deportation."

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