MEDIA ADVISORY: NC Budget and Tax Center releases county-by-county economic snapshots for North Carolina


MEDIA ADVISORY: The NC Budget and Tax Center releases county-by-county economic snapshots for North Carolina
Using 2010 and 2011 data, the NC Budget and Tax Center provides a quick-reference resource for journalists, local officials, and service providers in all 100 counties throughout the state
WHO: NC Budget and Tax Center
WHAT: Economic Snapshots for North Carolina’s counties
WHEN/WHERE: Available online via an interactive map and in pdf form here
RALEIGH (March 12, 2012) - The economic picture of counties throughout North Carolina is clearer today with the release of county-by-county data from the NC Budget and Tax Center. Data is available for all 100 counties in North Carolina.
The Economic Snapshot is an annual publication that provides key economic and social indicators at the county level in North Carolina, providing an overall picture of economic vitality and opportunity for North Carolinians. This data profile includes indicators on employment, poverty and income, housing, health, education, and supports for working families—all of which come from a variety of sources. For the first time, these 100 county snapshots include data on longevity and education outcomes.
Along with the data, the NC Justice Center also released an interactive map of the countysnapshots. Users click on the county of interest to access the data.
“The snapshots are a way for the media, policy-makers, and service providers to track important indicators of community well-being,” said Tazra Mitchell, a Public Policy Fellow with the NC Budget and Tax Center, who prepared the county snapshots.
NC Budget and Tax Center Director Alexandra Forter Sirota is available for media comment on the economic snapshots.
For more information, contact: Alexandra Forter Sirota,, (919) 861-1468; or Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications, NC Justice Center,, (919) 861-2402.