MEDIA ADVISORY: Press conference tomorrow highlights contributions of immigrants


Press conference to highlight positive impacts of immigration in North Carolina
We Are NC stands with immigrants in North Carolina.
RALEIGH (March 28, 2012) -- We Are NC, an alliance of organizations and individuals working to shift the debate on immigration in North Carolina, will hold a press conference to emphasize the positive impacts of immigrants in our state.
The press conference takes place on Wednesday, March 28 at 10 a.m. at Halifax Mall (just behind the General Assembly Building) at 300 N. Salisbury Street in Raleigh, NC. The 20-minute press conference will feature real numbers, facts, and stories from immigrants, faith leaders, and economic analysts. This event will immediately precede the public comment meeting of the House Select Committee on the State’s Role in Immigration, which has charged itself with determining how North Carolina will copy failed anti-immigrant legislation like that of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.
We Are NC stands with immigrants and affirms the dignity and rights of all people. We have seen the negative consequences of anti-immigrant legislation in places like Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Their economies have deteriorated, lawsuits have been filed, children are afraid to go to school, farmers and workers are losing their livelihoods as food lies rotting in the fields, and citizens and immigrants alike are being wrongfully arrested.
Immigrants and refugees in North Carolina contribute positively to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of our cities, towns, and state. We Are NC urges legislators to implement policies that unite us and make us stronger.
Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
We Are NC / Latin American Coalition, abellmas@latinamericancoalition.org704-519-7163 (cell)
Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications
We Are NC / NC Justice Center, jeff@ncjustice.org503-551-3615 (cell)
We Are NC is an alliance of organizations and individuals working to shift the debate on immigration in our state. We are raising awareness about the efforts of some state legislators to enact discriminatory and harmful new laws that target the people of North Carolina. We believe in the contributions of all communities, including immigrants and refugees, who have worked hard to make NC what it is today.