MEDIA RELEASE: Ad campaign calls on NC lawmakers to support teachers, firefighters with new revenue

Ad campaign calls on NC lawmakers to support teachers, firefighters with new revenue 
“Balance is a beautiful thing,” say the Together NC ads running in 15 communities across North Carolina
RALEIGH (April 12, 2011) -- When our economy is out of balance, so are other critical parts of North Carolina, a new ad campaign says – and lawmakers should fix that by including revenue in their budget plans.
Beginning Tuesday, April 12, the coalition of 120-plus groups will begin running advertisements in 15 newspapers across North Carolina. The ads will highlight fire stations and EMS workers, schools and parks, teachers and libraries -- the things that make our communities great places to work and live.
“Lawmakers, North Carolinians want a practical approach to our economy and our state budget–one that includes not only careful spending cuts but also new revenues that work for our changing economy,” the ads say.
Schools, fire stations, dental clinics, libraries and other vital public structures are in jeopardy, the ads emphasize, because of the threat of inadequate revenue.
Instead of taking a cuts-only approach, state leaders should fund these critical needs by taking a balanced approach to the North Carolina budget that includes new revenue.

“Balance is a beautiful thing,” the advertisements say.

Together NC is a broad coalition of groups who support preserving vital public investments in North Carolina’s future.

The ads will run in the following North Carolina papers: the Washington Daily News; Asheville Citizen Times; Elizabeth City Daily Advance; Charlotte Observer; Kenansville Duplin Times; Henderson Dispatch; Sanford Herald; Lumberton Robesonian; Reidsville News; Concord Independent Tribune; Rocky Mount Telegram; McDowell News; The Courier Tribune (Asheboro); Bladen Journal; and the Whiteville Reporter.
“North Carolinians want practical solutions to the budget crisis that preserve jobs and key public structures,” said Louisa Warren, one of the Together NC coalition’s coordinators. “To do that, our leaders must get serious about revenue.”

Together NC is a collection of non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional associations who have come together to promote wise choices for shared prosperity for all North Carolinians. For more information, visit
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Together NC coordinators: Louisa Warren, (919) 801-0465, or Rob Thompson, (919) 649-2449,