MEDIA RELEASE: On Tax Day, consider what a day without government would look like (video)


MEDIA RELEASE: On Tax Day, consider what a day without government would look like
A new animated video released this morning by Together NC shows a world without tax-funded public investments
WHO: Together NC
WHAT: The animated video “A Day Without Government,” a humorous but harrowing look at life absent basic tax-funded services and public investments on YouTube and Vimeo
WHEN: Tuesday, April 17
RALEIGH (April 17, 2011) – Tax Day doesn’t exactly have a high approval rating. But lost in anti-tax rhetoric is the simple truth that public funds support the basic building blocks of civilization, investments that keep us all safer, happier and healthier.
A new animated video released this morning by Together NC, “A Day Without Government,” uses biting humor to highlight how taxes support prosperity in the Old North State – and how grim life could be without them.
In the North Carolina-specific video, viewers see what life would be if someone woke up on a day without tax-funded government services. Simple necessities like water would be missing. Trips to health code-free restaurants would be riskier. Driving a car would be a lot more terrifying …
… and it might even impact who wins the NCAA college basketball tournament.
“As North Carolinians file their tax returns, we think it’s important to remind our fellow citizens why we pay taxes in the first place,” said Rob Thompson, one of Together NC’s coordinators. “Without taxes, we don’t have schools, parks, clean water and even UNC basketball.”
The video release coincides with an all-day Twitter campaign using the hashtag #ProudToPay. Together NC, its partners and allies will be tweeting about the services they are proud to pay for, such as education, health care, roads and parks and recreation.
The video is available online at Updates can be found at the Together NC Facebook ( and Twitter pages (
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