NEWS RELEASE: Coalition Praises Gov. Perdue's Call to Protect Public Investments

Schools, families and communities must be the priorities as legislators craft a budget

(RALEIGH, June 17, 2009) -- A coalition of more than 100 organizations is praising Gov. Beverly Perdue's call to the NC General Assembly to raise $1.5 billion in revenue to avoid crippling budget cuts.
The coalition, Together NC, is calling for responsible tax increases and sensible cuts that will protect education and services for the state's most vulnerable residents. "It takes vision to recognize that the cuts being proposed will have devastating long-term consequences for North Carolina's families and economy," said Rob Thompson, director of the Covenant with North Carolina's Children and a Together NC member. "Thankfully, Governor Perdue is a strong leader who knows that above all, the future of the state's children must be protected."
"Preventing the proposed increase in class sizes will help to preserve the decades of investments North Carolina has made into its public school system," said Angella Dunston, director of the NC Justice Center's Education & Law Project. "But children don't just go to school; they live in families and communities. North Carolina must act to ensure that we continue to provide families with the services they need and keep our communities safe and healthy."
Together NC represents more than a million North Carolinians and is made up of non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional organizations concerned about protecting the state's vital public investments during this difficult budget year.

"The good news is our state legislators are on the right track," explained Elaine Mejia, director of the NC Budget & Tax Center. "The budget proposals from the House and the Senate include wise reforms, and by pulling the best from both the General Assembly could raise adequate revenue in a responsible, fair way."