Statement from NC Health Access Coalition on Gov. Perdue's veto of H2, the anti-health care bill

Statement: Health Care Advocates Laud Perdue's Veto as "Refreshing"
NC Health Access Coalition says the veto shows Gov. Perdue is "focused on a better future for North Carolinians" instead of "engaging in political games" 
RALEIGH (March 5, 2011) -- In a statement issued this afternoon, the NC Health Access Coalition lauded Gov. Beverly Perdue's veto of an ill-conceived anti-health care bill.
The statement reads:
"For those concerned about jobs and affordable health insurance, Governor Perdue’s action in vetoing House Bill 2 is refreshing. 
Instead of engaging in political games about “repealing” federal laws, the Governor’s eyes are firmly focused on a better future for North Carolinians.  The Governor’s vision is of a North Carolina where insurance companies can no longer deny people health coverage because of pre-existing health conditions, where tax credits and a newly competitive market make insurance affordable and cost less, and where small businesses can finally get the same deals on health coverage plans that large companies enjoy."
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications, 503.551.3615,; Adam Searing, Director of NC Heath Access Coalition, 856-2568.