TAKE ACTION: Paid Sick Days represents one step toward protecting us from swine flu

The recent news surrounding the Swine flu outbreak is scary and the Centers for Disease Control, along with North Carolina's own Public Health Department are advising those with flu-like symptoms to stay home.
We all should follow the doctors' orders but unfortunately, for nearly half of North Carolina's workers, staying home from work as soon as the sniffly nose, headaches and fever start to hit is just not an option.   That's because nearly half of the workforce lacks a single paid sick day to care for themselves or a sick family member. 
Let's hope we can keep the current Swine flu outbreak contained here in North Carolina but it's a good reminder why paid sick days are about our community's public health.  When workers go to work sick because they can't risk a day's pay, their germs become our germs.
That's why we're working hard to move legislation through the NC General Assembly, the Healthy Families and Healthy Workplaces Act (HB 177, SB 534), that would guarantee all workers in North Carolina a basic number of paid sick days.
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