TOGETHER NC: New advertisements running across North Carolina

New statewide ad campaign says "It's Worth It" to raising revenue
The Together NC coalition’s advertising blitz urges legislators to raise revenue in an adequate, fair way to improve North Carolina’s future

The future of North Carolina depends on raising revenue now, and in the right way.

That’s the message being sent by a new statewide ad campaign. Beginning Thursday, July 29, North Carolinians from Murphy to Manteo will see advertisements in their local newspapers saying that raising revenue for education, jobs and health care is worth it.

“North Carolina is a great place to live,” the ads begin, “because our state has made wise investments in education, children’s health care, job training and a clean environment. Now is the time to protect these investments.”

Among the communities the ads will run are Rocky Mount, Greenville and Elizabeth City. Coalition organizers are also considering multimedia advertisements to potentially run on the Internet and local radio.


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