NC FAMILIES CARE: Philadelphia and Portland City Council members vote to pass earned paid sick days

March 15, 2013

In the last two days, both Portland and Philadelphia City Council members have voted to pass earned paid sick days bills. The two cities could soon join San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle as well as Connecticut in acknowledging an important reality: everybody gets sick, but no one should be at risk of losing a job or missing a day’s pay because of an illness. Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, and Washington have also introduced earned sick days legislation, and New York and Washington are advancing efforts for family and medical leave insurance programs.

Yes, many of these jurisdictions are a long way from North Carolina geographically and politically.but work-family policies have national momentum and we’ve been busy laying the foundation for better work-family policies right here at home.

NC Families Care is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to create workplace and public policies that work for families. Our policy agenda includes earned paid sick days, family and medical leave insurance, workplace flexibility, freedom from caregiver discrimination, and equal pay.

Work-Family Legislation Introduced in the House

On February 13th, North Carolina Representative Alma Adams and Representative  Larry Hall introduced the Caregiver Relief Act (HB 99), which would expand eligibility for the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Health Families and Workplaces Act (HB 100), which would provide a limited number of earned sick days to North Carolina’s workers.

Know Your Rights Trainings Across the State

We've been traveling around the state to present Know Your Rights trainings for workers, and we have a workshop designed specifically for North Carolina’s women workers. We’ve been from the mountains to the sea building support for family-friendly workplace policies. Want us to come to you? Contact us!

Story Collection

We are collecting stories from workers across the state about their experiences juggling caregiving and work.  Tell us about a time when having earned sick days, family leave, or a flexible schedule allowed you to keep healthy or take care of your family while keeping your job. Or tell us how these policies would have made a difference for you if you had them. Share your experience – good, bad, or ugly.

Business Outreach

Do you work for a family-friendly business? Tell us more! Many employers in North Carolina value their employees and honor their employees’ family responsibilities. These employers know that being family-friendly is good for their bottom line as well as for North Carolina’s working families. We want to recognize and learn from these businesses. Let’s talk.

Policies that allow workers to keep their jobs while taking care of their loved ones are crucial — especially in these difficult economic times. Join us in working toward making North Carolina more family-friendly. Click here to get involved.

Sabine Schoenbach and Beth Messersmith, Co-Chairs, NC Families Care Coalition